Tree tomato is a fast -growing plant which does well in subtropical climate. It is also intolerant to frost and night temperatures.

However despite of it being said to be pest resistant it is affected by some pests like:



They are small black -greenish and soft-bodied ,sap-sucking insects.

They Pierce and suck sap on tender shoots on the lower leaf surface.

Affected part become stunted and leaves curl. Sooty mold affects the leaves photosynthesis.

Prevent by spraying

  • Kingcode elite 50 ec 10ml/20l.
  • Pentagon 50ec 10ml/20l.
  • presento 200 sp 5g/20l.


These are White-winged pest which insert its styles in leaf veins and sack the phloem sap. Affected parts lose vitality and start yellowing, curling and finally drying of leaves.

To prevent spray:

  • taurus 500sp 10 g/20l.
  • kingcode elite 50 ec10ml/20l.
  • profile 440 ec.


They are microscopic parasites in soil. They pull plants from soil which leads to distorted, swollen and roots bearing knots or gall.

The roots eventually rot and the whole plants wilts and finally dries up.

Prevent by spraying:

  • Alonze 50 ec 6ml/20l.
  • Mix 2k adventure 5gr with 50 kg of basal fertilizer.



It is easier preventing a disease from attacking a plant than controlling it. A preventative fungicide can be applied before invasion.



This is a disease characterized by gray- white powdery growth on leaves and stems making them become distorted .

They develop mostly when air is humid. They destroy photosynthetic ability of leaves.

Prevent by spraying:

  • Ransom 600 wp 15g/20 l.
  • Discovery 400 sc 10 ml/20l.
  • Ducasse 250 ec 20 ml/20l.



This disease is first noted on older leaves which develop concentric dark-brown spots. Later the leafs turn yellow and falls off.

Stems get spots without clear contours. Lesions enlarge as severity increases.

Spray plants with

  • Exempo curve 250sc 15 ml/20l.
  • Fortress gold 40 g/20l.
  • Megaprode lock 525wp 15g/20l



This is another viral disease which is mechanically transmitted by aphids.

Hence it can be best controlled by controlling  APHIDS .The disease leads to reduced leaves which have patches of dark-green tissue alternating with yellow-green .It leads to stunted growth and reduced quality fruits.

It is also prevented by spraying:

  • kingcode elite 50 ec10ml/20l.
  • Pentagon 50ec 10ml/20l.
  • Presento 200 sp 5g/20l

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