The business of milking is very popular in every corner because everyone likes to drink milk daily and also uses many milk product regularly. But, cattle farming with modern milk production techniques or method in this business can help in earning a huge income in a very short interval. However, with a good and effective strategic plan in this business, anyone can earn millions of money from it. However, there are also some of the problems in the dairy farming business.

Dairy farming  requires good management and care such as milking , feeding, diseases control measures and a good support of veterinarians and nutrition experts  for managing animals health. Milking or extracting milk with advanced techniques is more beneficial rather than milking traditionally because it requires laborious effort as well as supervision. Nowadays, with advanced technology in dairy farming, a farmer can milk a cattle, at least three times a day.

Points to consider when starting a daily farm:

  •     Dairy Breed: Starting a farm with proper species of cattle is required for good milk production.
  •     Milking Practice: As your business is totally depended on the milking, a good milk extraction practice is required.
  •     Feed & Water Supply for Cattle: To have healthy cattle, a proper and nutritious food is required along with sufficient amount of water.
  •     Good Infrastructure: A good infrastructure is needed for establishing a good dairy farm
  •     Practical Base Knowledge of Dairy: You should also have good practical base knowledge of cattle to earn more profit.
  •     Health and Safety of Cattles: Monitor the health and safety of your cattle because unhealthy cattle are unable to produce milk in more amount.
  •     Health Precaution: A good support of veterinarians and nutrition experts is also required for managing animals health.
  •     Cleanliness while Milking: This is the most important task in this business. As your business is mainly depended on the milk quality.

Fodder Management in Dairy Farming

For Profitable dairy farming, a proper food with clean and fresh water in sufficient amount is required in dairy farming business. It is a good idea to set a daily feeding schedule of dairy cows or cattle breeds.

You can use, Maize, Sorghum, lucern, desmodium, Pearl Millet or Brachalia, Cowpea, Oats and many other green fodders to feed your dairy breeds.How much fodder to a dairy breed or cow feed per day? It depends on the size, weight, the milk-producing capacity of that dairy breeds, but provide a nutritious fodder to you dairy product in sufficient amount.

providing nutritious food at proper breeding age will help in attaining proper body weight and also reproduce a healthy and quality young one from raised cattle.

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